How to start working as an au pair?

Become an au pair!

Do you want to go on an adventure abroad? Are you between the ages of 18 and 30 and ready for an experience abroad? Then you’re what we’re looking for!

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Is becoming an au pair something for you?

Are you planning a gap year or are you just ready for a new challenge? As an au pair you get to go on an adventure abroad and live with a family in their home. You always have your own bedroom, and sometimes a separate room in the house. An au pair helps looking after the children but you also have a lot of free time to explore the country. Get to know another country, together with other Au Pair’s, or by yourself, and make new friends!

At Nanny Nina, through our partners, you can choose from 12 countries to work in. We help you with all information about tickets and forms, you don't have to worry about that.

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A day in the life of an au pair

Watch this video to understand what it is like!

What criteria must I meet in order to be an Au Pair?

Can just anyone become an au pair? No, certainly not! You must be between the ages of 18 and 30. Both men and women are very welcome to work as Au Pairs! Do you speak multiple languages? Then that is of course a huge plus, and it will give you an adventage. The Dutch Au Pairs are very popular with our partners in Australia and New Zealand, so that is always nice to hear anyway!

Become a premium Au Pair

Are you educated within, or have experience with, childcare? For example, have you had an internship at a daycare center or had training in Pedagogy, Care and Welfare, SPW, SPH or as a teaching assistant? That’s perfect! With that you can become a Premium Au Pair, and you earn more than a regular Au Pair. Make sure to include this information when you register!

Does it cost money to become an Au Pair?

The rates and costs depend on which country you go to. Some countries are more expensive to fly to, so that is something that you would have to take into consideration. You also often pay a small fee to an Au Pair agency for finding a family or for the start-up meeting. Send us an email with which countries you are considering, then we can give you more information about the costs.

What will you do as an Au Pair?

You mainly go abroad for the experience. It is not for nothing that an au pair exchange is also called a "cultural exchange." But... since you live with a family (for free), you can naturally contribute to the household! For example, you help prepare the children for school, and then pick them up, and you can also help with homework. While the children are in school you have time for yourself. Or if the children are young then you are busy with the kids during the day, and free on weekends to discover the country with other au pairs or alone, if you prefer.

Partner countries | Which countries do you want to visit as an au pair?

You of course get to choose where you want to go! Do you want some advice on which country would suit you best? We happy to help! Just send us an email or SMS. Or call us ;)

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How does it work with passport and visa?

We have contacts in all countries of interest who will guide you through your application process. They are familiar with the rules about potential vaccinations, passport and visa processes. They also organize start-up meetings to help you settle in when you arrive! Here you can meet other au pairs who start at the same time as you. Choose the country you want to go to, or ask us for advice on which country would suit you.

Are there any time frames that need to be taken into consideration?

You can choose how long you want to go on your adventure for, but the minimum is 4 months. You can choose whether you want to work be there for 4 months or 6 or, for example, a whole year! 12 months is the most common option, because then you can really experience what it’s like to live abroad. In this way you naturally get to know the other culture!

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